Admitted, now what?

The waiting game is now over, and to those of you accepted to your first-choice school, congratulations!  Given the rise in the number of applications that students submit, many students may have multiple options without a clear first choice school.  So, how does one decide??

1.      Take advantage of accepted student days.  Many schools offer admitted students the opportunity to spend a day on campus and meet with various university groups- faculty, athletics, residence life, career services, etc.  Colleges will roll out the red carpet on this day, and it is a great occasion to ask lots of questions.

2.      Attend class.  Some colleges may offer admitted students the opportunity to sit-in on a class.  This is a perfect time to take a closer look at academic fit.  You might not fully understand what is taking place within the class, but you can certainly get a sense if the professor knows his/her students, you can observe to see if students are truly engaged in the topic, and you can explore the overall classroom environment.

3.      Reach out to a faculty member in your chosen field.  If you have a clear major in mind call the admissions office and ask to connect to a professor within that field.  This is a great opportunity to ask specific and direct questions about coursework, research opportunities, internships and what alumni are doing once they graduate.

4.      Spend a night.  Some schools may offer students the opportunity to stay in a dorm room and get the full residential experience.  This is a great way to try the food, explore the various rooming options and learn about the social environment on campus.

May 1st is the national reply date, and all students who plan to enroll in the fall of 2017 must submit a deposit to one school by this date.  The next few weeks can be very busy for seniors as they try to make that final decision.

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