Finding Time for Activities - by Becky Gerogenes

“I play 3 sports…  I have no time for any other after school activities.”



I often work with students who are extremely dedicated athletes – either playing three different sports a year or focusing on one sport on varsity and club teams.  Ultimately, they all tell me the same thing:  “I don’t have time for any other extra curricular activities.” 

And that may be the case for you because all of their after school time is already filled up.


But we all know that it is important to have some other interests outside of sports – and not just because “it looks good on a college application.” It is also important to have other interests and passions in the event that you are no longer able to play the sport.


Here are some ideas of how you can pursue other activities despite having a busy sports schedule.

·      Start with your school electives. There are often wonderful opportunities for specialization in a given field of art. In some cases, that can even involve Honors, AP or intensive classes.  This could also lead to opportunities to TA in that discipline. But start thinking about this within the first two years of High School. That way, you have time to develop a real expertise --- all during the regular school day.

·      READ! Find books that support your interests (either academic or non-academic) and use your free time to read them. And if you feel like you don’t have the time or patience for books, try Audible. Download a book on your cell phone and listen to it during a run, during a workout, or while you are cleaning your room.   

·      Volunteer at a 1-day or 1-time event.  Volunteering can be meaningful even if it is not a regular commitment. See what is available in your community.  It could be helping re-stock a local food pantry. Working at a holiday event at your town’s Senior Center. Or raking leaves for a neighbor in need.


By taking a look at what you are already doing and putting a little effort into some non- sport activities, you will be enhancing your college application --- but even more importantly, you will be enriching your life.

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