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Have you heard of RaiseMe? I hadn’t either until recently. What I love most about my job is the opportunity to learn new things everyday. I can never rest on my laurels thinking that I know everything about this profession and its peripheral players. And I absolutely adore learning new things from my students, one of whom recently introduced me to RaiseMe, an online platform designed to identify and match micro scholarships with prospective college students.

I may be late to the game, but if you haven’t already, I highly encourage you (parents and students) to check out RaiseMe. Introducing students as young as 8th and 9th graders to this site will help them to better understand what goes into a college application and how their achievements can be tracked for greater success. Join a club, increase your chance for scholarship money. Improve your grades, increase your scholarships potential. Take on a leadership position, more opportunity for scholarship funds to increase.

The concept of RaiseMe is pretty straightforward. Students use an engaging, teen-friendly platform to input their achievements (course grades, clubs, sports, volunteer activities, etc.). For each achievement students can see scholarship money earned from colleges, which will be awarded upon attendance. Important point— a student must go through the standard admission process to receive scholarship funds. This is not a short cut to admission, rather it’s an opportunity for students to see how their achievements directly correlate with scholarship potential. Students can learn more about hundreds of colleges across the country— some institutions of which they may already be quite familiar and others that are just waiting to be discovered.

RaiseMe can be a good motivator and a concrete way for students to see how their actions directly impact the college admission process. In fact I’m going to encourage my daughter, a rising high school freshman, to start using RaiseMe as a means of connecting with the amorphous and nebulous college process that seems so very far away but will get here before we know it.

While I understand that everything poses a potential downside, from the research I’ve done I’ve been unable to find a significant negative to oppose my promotion of RaiseMe. I encourage you (parents and students) to look into RaiseMe to see how it might augment your college admission process.

Lisa Cynamon Mayers

Senior Admissions Consultant

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