Summer is almost here ---- and I haven't figured out my plans yet!!

Summer is right around the corner. What do you do if you don’t have a summer plan yet?  

It’s always nice to organize your schedule around your family’s vacation or reunion plans.  Summer is of course an important time to relax and reconnect, and it is good to keep that as a priority.


In deciding what you do with the rest of your summer, you should just be sure you spend your time thoughtfully and purposefully.


Some high school students choose to do summer academic enrichment – and while it may be too late to sign up for some of the highly selective programs at colleges, there is likely still time to sign up for local summer academic programs if that is something you are looking for. It is a great opportunity to learn something that might not be offered at your high school or to get a jump on a class that you know will be challenging for you in the fall.


My own kids always have summer jobs in the coastal community where their grandparents live. They get plenty of time to spend with family, hang out and play with friends outside, and get all the benefits that come with having a job – including money!  They of course have to figure out how to balance all of this with whatever their pre-season sports schedule and academic fall requirements may be. Sometimes that includes spending time on SAT or ACT prep, or writing college essays.


Recently I saw a State Farm commercial on TV for a powerful new volunteering initiative called Neighborhood of Good. This site is a clearing house for volunteer activities in your area – they can be ongoing opportunities or one day events. I was particularly impressed by how people can search by interest and by location. Finding an opportunity in your area would be a great experience to add to your college resume, but even more importantly, it would be an excellent chance to use your free time to make a meaningful difference.   This is a real game changer.  Check it out! 


Neighborhood of Good

by:  Becky Georgenes 

former Princeton Admission Officer
Senior College Counselor 
Road to College

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