Waitlisted... Now what?

You may have discovered by now that there is a lot to still be figured in terms of where students will be going to college next year. Seniors will be going on accepted students days to try to finally determine where they want to spend their next four years. And some of those same seniors will be notifying colleges that they want to stay on their wait lists.  Here are a few tips to do your part in moving things along. 

  • If you know for certain that you will not attend a school where you have been admitted, then notify them asap to decline their offer and make room for other students. What may be just another one of your safety schools, is a dream school for someone else. 
  • If you know for certain that you will not attend a school where you have been waitlisted, then graciously decline the spot on the waitlist. Remember, that there are other students desperately waiting for that message from that college saying that they have been admitted off the waitlist. 
  • If you are on a waitlist of a school that you hope to get in to, then notify them immediately (typically through their official notification form) that you want to stay on the waitlist. Then you'll be asking yourself: Now what can I do to let them know that I really want to get in!?  There is no single perfect answer to this. The bottom line is to be yourself. Remember you are trying to find a way to distinguish yourself from other qualified students on the waitlist. Find a creative and genuine way to let the admission officers know who your are as a person. If you are a painter, then paint a picture! If you are a singer, then write a song! If you are a writer, then write something. And in the meantime, put your deposit down on another school and get excited about the possibility of going there! 
Becky Georgenes
Senior College Counselor 
Road to College
Former Princeton Admission officer

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